Monday, April 22, 2013

New Product released for the eVic - The ECA

Joyetech has released a new accessory for the eVic, the ECA. or eVic Changeable atomizer.The ECA seems similar in function to their past tank systems as far as changing flavors and ease of use. 

 The ECA is available in two different tube lengths, the tank holds 3.5 ml of liquid, and the mouthpiece is proprietary to the tank. Styles of the ECA are available to match your eVic.

The ECA looks like an interesting addition to the eVic product line. Joyetech's tank systems have worked well on earlier devices, and this new twist on their tanks looks promising. The ability to change out atomizers is also a plus compared to past atomizers which were attached to a housing, etc. Here is the website for the ECA, via Joyetech : The ECA


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