Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Week In Vaping : March 3 - 9

Hello everyone, this is TWIV for March 3 -9 This week comes in like a lion with legislation and taxation, as well as some other interesting vaping news, let's take a look....

States step up bans, Taxation

This week Utah, Connecticut,and Minnesota  proposed legislation against e cigarettes.

 HB 372 (Utah) Would include e cigarettes in its tobacco tax code and tax them at 86% of the manufacturer's price, ban internet and mail order sales, and prohibit the giving of samples in brick and mortars.

SB 990 (Connecticut) would prohibit the use of e cigarettes where smoking is prohibited, as well as ban e cigarette usage in brick and mortars in Connecticut.

HF 91, HF 509, SF 144, and SF 209 (Minnesota) Would impose a 95% tax on electronic cigarettes.

The above links provide access to, where suggestions on actions toward the legislations are available.

Five Themes

The Addiction Science and Clinical Practice Journal published a study on Tuesday in an effort to pin down what makes e cigarettes more successful than other tobacco harm reduction methods. While to vapers it may seem pretty apparent what they found, it nonetheless sets a scientific precedent for what vapers have known through their experience of use. The results of  the study are:

 Five themes emerged that describe users' perceptions of why e-cigarettes are efficacious in quitting smoking: 1) bio-behavioral feedback, 2) social benefits, 3) hobby elements, 4) personal identity, and 5) distinction between smoking cessation and nicotine cessation. Additionally, subjects reported their experiences with NRTs compared with e-cigarettes, citing negative side effects of NRTs and their ineffectiveness at preventing relapse.
A PDF of the study is available here, and contains the whole of the study and is a wealth of positive information.

Toxicity study finds positive results

A study published online in the peer reviewed journal Tobacco Control had positive findings in their research on e cigarettes. The study, performed by Dr Maciej L Goniewicz et al, tested twelve different brands of e cigarettes through chromatographic and spectroscopy methods, and found that the e cigarette toxicants were 9 - 450 times lower than cigarette smoke, and in comparable to their reference product, a nicotine inhaler.

Zeller : Help or harm?

The FDA appointed a new head of their Tobacco Products Center, Mitch Zeller.
Zeller, in years past has served as associate commissioner and director of Office of Tobacco Programs (1993 -2000), and with The American Legacy Foundation.Currently Zeller is an executive with Pinney Associates, a Maryland consulting firm that does work for GlaxoSmithkline.  Zeller was instrumental in inserting section 918 into the FSPTCA which while intended for pharma to maintain traction in their marketing of NRT products, also provided traction to e cigarette advocates. It is not certain if Zeller will offer a ray of light in any pending legislation concerning e cigarettes, but given his track record it would seem that he is quite firmly planted in the ANTZ mound.

Completely Unrelated
This week saw a breakthrough in the battle against HIV from a natural, albeit usually painful source :


Have a great week everyone.


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