Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Week in Vaping March 16 - 23

                                   Hi everyone, and welcome to TWIV for March 16 - 22.

Farsalinos presents at EP
This week Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos presented at the  European Parliament Committee for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, in Brussels-Belgium. He presented the data from his studies with the intent of dissuading support of the proposed 4mg/ml limit introduced in the EU Tobacco Directive Proposal. Following his presentation, Dr. Farsalinos had this to say:

"The meeting today was quite interesting. It was impossible for me to speak for just 3 minutes and show all my data. I was stopped by the committee and i had to insist in order to be able to complete my speech. At the end, i had to speed up my presentation, which was not good because it became difficult for people to follow what i was saying. However, equally important were the questions posed by some MEPs there, and the answers I provided to them.."

States of Denial

In recent days we have seen five states introduce legislation designed to control or eliminate e cigarettes.Vapers in California, Rhode Island, Oklahoma  Connecticut and Minnesota have all begun countering the measures begun in their states to interrupt their quality of living and right to choice.All vapers are urged to contact their state officials or attend hearings if they can, and to visit for further information. While unfortunately legislation proposed against electronic cigarettes is not new to vapers, the sudden proliferation of them can be viewed as a bit odd.

And then... there's North Dakota

North Dakota however has introduced legislation to study tobacco harm reduction methods. HCR3033 would examine the benefits and risks of using THR for those wishing to quit smoking cigarettes. This resolution is unique in that it is an opportunity to present the beneficial qualities of electronic cigarettes within the framework of a state mandated action. To extend support in this action, please visit for further information.

E Cigarettes Lauded in The Economist
A terrific article emerged recently about the benefits of electronic cigarettes, and poses the question of why they are opposed. The Economist echoes many a vaper's sentiment over the years, and contributes to an ever growing public advocacy of devices.

Completely Unrelated
 This week we have an amazing aquatic fellow for you viewing amazement. Meet the Mantis shrimp, a.k.a the shrimp that can pack a 50 mile an hour punch.Their bodies only 4 inches long on average,but their "clubs" have been known to, well just take a look at the clip:

                                                       Have a good week everyone


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