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The Week in Vaping March 10 - 16

Hi everyone, another week has ended, and another TWIV is on deck. This week we have victory over vilification, new studies and old tricks, and our usual course of vaping news

Victory in Utah!
The Utah House of Representatives voted a resounding no to house bill 372, Which would have taxed e cigarettes at 86% of the manufacturer's price, banned internet and mail orderings of nicotine containing products, and banning the sampling of e cigarette products in brick and mortars. the Utah vote was 29 yes, 44 no, and 2 absent. Many thanks to the hard working people there who refuse to allow the ANTZ ruin our picnic. Every success that vapers have is assuring that not only is our lifestyle maintained, but the opportunity for others to use e cigarettes is maintained as well.

Connecticut legislature drags its heels
14 hours, that's how much time vapers had spent waiting in the CT legislative office in Hartford to defend the right to use e  cigarettes. The hearing, which was originally scheduled for 10:30 a.m., was delayed seemingly by all of the 23 other bills that were presented that day. Still, vapers who attended remained patient, and finally spoke their minds.The testimony of those in opposition to e cigarettes seemed to rely upon the four year old study of electronic cigarettes conducted by the FDA, including the commissioner for the Department of Public Health. NECN ran an article on the hearing which featured Cheryl Richter, owner of Cherryvape. The Bill is expected to be voted upon next week to determine if it moves to the Senate. Testimony both for and against the bill can be seen here.

How Addictive is Nicotine?
In the ECCA UK website, Chris Price poses this very question in a thoughtfully written article. Chris points out that although individuals speak of nicotine as a substance more addictive than herion, no study can be found that reinforces this claim. Chris continues to say that the possibility for nicotine addiction exists, but  as with any aspect of science, evidence must exist before something of this nature can be supported:
"As an engineer, a statement that nicotine is strongly addictive but has never been tested for such a property outside of a complex brew with 5,300 compounds identified so far and a possible 10,000 in the mix, is about the same as telling me a car gets from A to B because it has a steering wheel. There are probably a few other things among the 10,000 components of a car that also help"
 Chris welcomes any research which points out the addictive nature of nicotine of itself, and of any evidence based studies which support nicotine addiction in humans.

SRNT Reveals more positive studies

 Wrapping up their international meeting in Boston Massachusetts today, the Society for Research of Nicotine and Tobacco hosted more studies performed on and about tobacco harm reduction. Bill Godshall of Smokefree Pennsylvania provided a list of the companion abstracts to the studies presented, in the Electronic Cigarette Forum.

Casper brick and mortar burglarized

Wyoming Vapor Company, owned by Jason Magnuson was broken into this week, and approximately $20,000 worth of merchandise was stolen. The individual(s) responsible for the crime are yet to be arrested.
Jason, in an interview with the Wyoming Star Tribune expressed his obvious disappointment at the incident, and expressed this on the his company's facebook page:
"I was never in this for the money. My prices were as low as possible because I was doing this to help people quit tobacco. It takes a special kind of scumbag to ruin someone who has launched an endeavor to help his fellow man. This was my dream job, the one that doesn't feel like work. I will not let it die.

Second: Someone is running around with a couple hundred ego kits, about a dozen Sigelei mods, about a dozen Reo mods, several hundred batteries and thousands of dollars worth of parts and accessories. The Sigelei and the Reo are rare around here, I can't imagine there are more than 10 others in the state. If you see someone trying to sell these things, please contact the Casper Police Department immediately. I am personally offering a $5000.00 cash reward for any information leading to the arrest of the guilty parties and the recovery of my product."

 Daily Titan tells a spooky story for late nights....
The Daily Titan, the student voice of California State University, Fullerton has spun a tale of fear with their March 12th article.
Kristen Cervantes, the author of the article informs us of a "gimmick" called e cigarettes, and goes further to inform us that "the device is unhealthy and not the best alternative for people wanting to quit smoking".
Scared yet? ok, I'll continue.....
 "According to the FDA’s website, “e-cigarettes may contain ingredients that are known to be toxic to humans, and may contain other ingredients that may not be safe.”
Yes, the DT throws throws that old shoe out there as well, along with many others from that golden oldie, the 2009 FDA study of e cigarettes. I could continue, but if you want more writing unencumbered by critical thought, you can find it here.
Yes Picard, I know that feel......

CASAA launches FDA Information page
CASAA has again come to the rescue of e cigarette users, and those who are curious of the FDA's intentions to regulate e cigarettes. This week CASAA launched a new page on their site, "The FDA & Deeming Regulations of E-cigarettes" This page breaks down the efforts by the FDA to regulate electronic cigarettes both in the past, and in the present as well. CASAA has also reached their fundraising goal of $15,000 to support a research project aimed at clarifying and explaining studies performed regarding e cigarettes.

                    Completely unrelated

Remember when your mother said "Don't play with your food"? well a musician named j.views has elevated that to a new level. 



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