Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Week in Vaping: February 2 - 8

Hi everyone! welcome to TWIV for Feb 2 - 8  Some interesting things happened this week, enjoy!

Signatures collected for ecig petition

In just 24 days, twenty five thousand vapers signed the petition created at, collecting the needed signatures to send the petition on its way to the oval office. The petition was created to urge the preventing of the FDA from creating restrictive regulation(s) that would prevent the sales and use of electronic cigarettes. Although the effectiveness of petitions is questionable when trying to influence government agencies, it clearly sends a message to opponents of electronic cigarettes : we are determined to maintain the right to a healthier choice than smoking. A press release from CASAA featuring statements from Elaine Keller, President of CASAA, is available here.

Four country study of ecigs published A study performed in The U.S., Canada, Australia and Britain was published recently in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. The study, performed from 2010 to 2011 by Sarah E. Adkison et al., examines patterns of ENDS awareness, use, and product-associated beliefs among current and former smokers in four countries.
  Some of the results published in the study:

  •  Risk perception of e cigarettes across the four countries was relatively low among those aware of ENDS.
  • Based upon the data provided in the study, electronic cigarette awareness, trial and use is likely to increase.
  • The majority of survey participants indicated that they used ENDS to reduce the harm of traditional cigarettes, or to help them quit traditional cigarettes.
The study is quite extensive, examining aspects such as age, gender, socioeconomic status, education and ethnicity, as well as other factors. the study in its entirety can be viewed here.

ALA Up in arms over superbowl commercial published an article recently that showed not everyone was happy about the Njoy superbowl ad. The American Lung Association gave statements admonishing the commercial, and expressing fears that the advertising of electronic cigarettes would set back their smoking prevention efforts.Bill Pfeifer, President and CEO of the southwest chapter of the ALA, said “We are trying to encourage people to quit smoking, and there is no scientific evidence that these products help people kick their habit.”
The ad, which according to Njoy CEO Craig Weiss reached ten million viewers is not the first ad to be run by Njoy, and that willingness by other networks to air their ads is increasing.

 SFATA conference offers insight
 The recent conference of the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association brought 100+ vendors and manufacturers together in a forum to discuss the industry, and options regarding the upcoming deeming regulation from the FDA. One speaker, Mr. Ralph Tyler Esq., spoke on the 2010 Sottera vs.FDA case. Mr. Tyler served as Chief Counsel for the FDA during the time of the Sottera case. Tyler went on to discuss the paradigm of the FDA up to the present day concerning legislation and possible deeming regulation to come.
A curious note to the first SAFTA conference was the invitation and subsequent editing of a presentation made by Bill Godshall, a prominent advocate for electronic cigarettes.The presentation by Mr. Godshall can be found here, (Via ECF)
More on the SFATA conference can be found here.

FBN features Njoy

Fox business news featured Njoy CEO Craig Weiss recently in a news segment, explaining the basics behind electronic cigarettes and information on the industry. See the segment here.

Dr. Ablow advocates e cigs

Dr. Kieth Ablow, Psychiatrist and member of Fox news medical team recently published an article where he advocates the use of electronic cigarettes, and he suggests others doctors do too.
In the article, Dr. Ablow explains the mechanics of electronic cigarettes, and reasons why they are a safer alternative to smoking. Although the name of an e cigarette company is featured prominently throughout the article, Ablow does express his encouragement of large scale clinical trials to be done with e cigarettes to further emphasize their efficacy.

Completely Unrelated
This week's completely unrelated feature is a little closer to home. As everyone knows by now, a HUGE storm blew through my neck of the woods, and left a lot of snow in its wake. So I humbly submit my work project for the next few hours, the uncovering of mine and my fiancee's automobiles:

My car

aaaand......My fiancee's

Have a good week, everyone.
 (does anyone have a snow shovel I can borrow?)


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