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The Week in Vaping : Feb.17 - 23

Hi everyone, welcome to TWIV for february 17 -23. This week has the ANTZ on the march, ACSH on tour, racing and zombies!Plus your batts may be looking much different in the future - Read on!

Thieves in the temple of flavor

Flavourart, a well known vendor amongst the vaping community, was recently burglarized. According to their website, 100,000 bottles of their product were stolen, but the individuals responsible are being identified. Flavourart is asking for your help in tracking the travels of the ill gotten gain. They will be publishing the lot numbers of the stolen products, and ask if you purchase a bottle with matching lot numbers as they will describe, to please pass on the information of where the bottle was purchased from to them.
 kicks the hornet's nest

In what can be described as an incredibly inaccurate piece of journalism, recently ran an article encouraging the inclusion of electronic cigarettes in Kentucky's proposal to ban smoking. In the article, authored by no one in particular, the writer makes this statement:
"The battery-powered nicotine-delivery devices have been found to spew particles into the air which could lodge in the lungs, as well as emitting chemical vapors, including formaldehyde, a carcinogen."
This statement is markedly false, and many vapers commented on the article to point this out, as well as other forms of disinformation.The vaping community went on to provide actual facts about electronic cigarettes. It is articles of this type which continue to emerge in the media with efforts to vilify electronic cigarettes, but once again vapers are quick to rise to the occasion. It is vigilance such as this which keeps the benefits of e cigarettes in their proper perspective, and detractors wishing they had checked their "facts" more accurately.

Reality bites

In an advertisement posted on the center for reconstructive dentistry, Dr. Sherri Worth makes a claim about e cigarettes which cannot be successfully substantiated. Dr. worth makes the claim in the news portion of her site that equates the use of electronic cigarettes with periodontal disease. The problem with this claim, is that there is no science in which to support her claim. Although the site makes the statement that tobacco can harm your teeth and gums, it creates an inaccurate parallel by stating that e cigarettes do the same. By this time it has been established that the only physical parallel that cigarette smoking and vaping possess is that of nicotine. However, this does not indicate that the biological dynamics of the two are the same, as Dr. Worth claims. This is an obfuscation of the truth which, is a subject that Dr. Worth seems to be familiar with.

And Yet again......
Fox 5 in D.C. has published an article where they claim to "investigate" electronic cigarettes. In this article we see the same propaganda pony we have witnessed in the past paraded in front of us. examples such as "e cigarettes are mysterious and dangeous" and "attractive to children", all of which we know now are blatant mistruths. Droves of vapers were quick to call out Fox 5 on their terrible representation of e cigarettes and add some much needed facts to an otherwise fairy tale.

ACSH to hold meetings
The American Council on Science and Health is taking their message of tobacco harm reduction on the road. A set of meetings with various state legislatures to propose the benefits of THR. ACSH submitted a statement at a hearing recently in Iowa, and plans to attend meetings in North Dakota on February 28th, as well as New Jersey on March 7.

Madvapes, BLU to sponsor racers
The face of racing will soon change with the addition of BLU and Madvapes. The Graham Rahal car will sport the BLU logo and will be a sponsor for the racing team throughout the season. Eddie Sharp racing will be sponsored by Madvapes, who will be sponsoring them through several events this season.

 New threat to vapers on the horizon

If the FDA and ANTZ were not enough, vapers have a new reason to be concerned soon......zombies.
as Abby Olmstead points out in a recent article in Ecig Advanced, we vapers are not so safe in the event of a zombie attack. Abby gives the reasons behind the danger to vapers in a terrific manner.

Completely Unrelated (sort of)

What's in a battery? apparently a lot according to a recent discovery by Richard Kaner, PhD, of UCLA.
Through the discovery of a new application of graphene, batteries may soon undergo a drastic change:

                Have a good week everyone.


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