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The Week in Vaping: Feb. 9 -17

Hi everyone, here is TWIV for February 9 - 17. This week brings us a global view of vaping in the news, with countries such as Britain, France and Russia (as well as the U.S.) making news. This week also celebrated falling in love, and feared things falling from the skies. So grab your map and enjoy ETA's the week in Vaping.

CASAA seeks funds
The organization we have come to know and trust in the advocacy of smoke free alternatives has once again come to the aid of the vaping community in a proposal that will solidify the years of studies performed on electronic cigarettes.
  When a study performed on electronic cigarettes is performed, we can usually glean the results from the context of the results, and some of the terms are familiar to us. However, many of the various sciences and schools of thought involved in the many studies can be bewildering. Bearing that in mind, the individual who is not familiar with anything related to electronic cigarettes will most likely be put off by the prospect of pouring over pages of scientific jargon. CASAA therefore proposes that these studies be brought together into a comprehensive report, through the expertise of a professor of environmental and occupational health.
    From the CASAA blog :
"This research paper will explain what the results of those existing studies really mean.  It will make clear what the levels of the detected chemicals mean, how they compare to other sources of those chemicals and what are believed to be the levels that would be considered harmful.  Many of the anti-tobacco/nicotine researchers have tried to trick readers by not making clear how small the detected quantities were, compared to the levels produced by smoking or allowed by regulations.  CASAA is confident that this research will be useful for both health science and in arguing for the reasonable regulation of e-cigarettes"
The development of this paper of course, does not come without a price. A cost of $15,000 is needed in order to facilitate this aim. When this study is completed, it will be immediately distributed and published in various scientific journals. In a current environment where electronic cigarettes can be vilified so often, the creation of this report can become an important instrument in further establishing the validity of electronic cigarettes.
- At the time of this posting, CASAA has reached their first benchmark in raising the necessary funds for the paper.

Duma says "Nyet" to E cigarettes

This week the state Duma, or lower legislative body of Russia passed legislation to ban electronic cigarettes in public areas.
 The ban of electronic cigarettes, as well as chewing tobacco and conventional cigarettes will begin on June 13 of this year and subsequent regulations are to follow by June 2014. The ban includes smoking on public transport, in common areas of dwellings such as apartment buildings, and state buildings. Following prohibited areas will be restaurants and cafes. The measure was introduced due to high percentages of smokers in Russia, and an effort to improve public health.The ban still needs to pass the Federation Council, or upper legislative house of Russia before it is signed intop law by president Vladmir Putin. More on the story here.

Why Worry?

By now most of us are aware of the regulatory situation that Britain is facing from the proposed tobacco products directive (TPD). For those that are not, Clive Bates offers an excellent breakdown of the TPD in his blog post this week. Clive describes the directive, what it is and is not capable of, and what a legitimate solution would look like. So why worry? Because the TPD is capable of setting a dangerous precedent in terms of how other countries behave toward electronic cigarettes. A mentality of " Britain banned electronic cigarettes, we should too!" could easily be adopted in terms of swaying opinion where it may matter the most. Clive Bates also offers another post in regard to taking action on the issue. Another well written post by James Dunworth outlines members of european parliament, and a means by which to contact them.

CASAA : Calls to action
Many states are attempting e cigarette legislation this week. Alabama is proposing a ban,New Mexico is proposing a tax increase,and Hawaii is attempting a ban as well.For a complete listing of calls to action, visit CASAA's calls to action page.

"Diddly squat" does well in France
The thought of smoking cigarettes can evoke images of the wistful Parisian, taking a long draw off of their cigarette with an air of ennui.That image of Paris has begun to change after the introduction of electronic cigarettes.An article by Brian Pirolli highlights a brick and mortar in Paris called Clopinette. although the article illustrates e cigarettes as still somewhat of a novelty, it is seen as a quickly growing trend there. Despite the claims of skeptics, the number of e cigarette users are purported to have grown to 500,000 according to the article, and

Completely unrelated

Although not a rare occurrence, this week brought an event ( or events) of a celestial nature. A rather large meteor shot through the sky over Russia, exploding in the Ural mountains area. In a wider perspective, an enormous asteroid - 2012 DA14, traveled (by astronomical estimates) very close to earth.

Have a good week everyone.


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