Saturday, December 15, 2012

The week in Vaping - Dec. 8 - 16

NC Ecigs work where cigarettes don’t

Roger Mullen wrote an article in the Fay observer describing the positive uses of electronic cigarettes in the local area. The article describes various individuals, including  Andy Stockert, who keeps his horses at a local stable. Stockert, who smokes cigars, chooses to use an e cigarette at the stable in light of the smoking ban. The article goes further to describe other positive testimonials from people in the local area.

A more and more familiar tale
    The Winston-Salem Journal recently ran an article which seems to be echoing a growing public sentiment. Electronic cigarette use is growing, and they are not going away. The article by Richard Craver illustrates the current growth of electronic cigarettes and their expanding public popularity. Bonnie Herzog and Bill Godshall are quoted in the article, providing their insights into the impact of e cigarettes on the tobacco industry. Godshall and Herzog are both quoted as seeing the e cigarette industry and sales continue to grow
As well as cement their place as a viable alternative to smoking.

Update : FDA hearing - Godshall, AEMSA to present

  Bill Godshall of Smoke free Pennsylvania and Lou Ritter of AEMSA are two of the presenters scheduled to speak at the FDA public hearing on December 17. The hearing’s focus is on NRTs and products related to products and treatments for tobacco dependence as well as nicotine replacement therapies. There will be a webcast of the hearing for those not able to attend, commenting on the hearing are also available here.  The meeting will begin at 8 am eastern time, an agenda of the hearing is available here.

Ecig future debated?

At the CSP cyber conference on tobacco in New York, a market analyst and a category director gave differing views on e cigarettes.
Nik Modi senior analyst for UBS offered the viewpoint of optimism, saying “I just think it’s the best thing for public health”  and stated that he believes that lawmakers will recognize the benefits of e cigarettes, and placed them in the category of a modified risk product. However, his insight on regulation and taxation sounded more like a corporate takeover scheme than an earnest advocacy of electronic cigarettes.
Joe Teller, category director for Swedish Match told a somewhat cautionary tale. Teller commented on the potential for e cig users to not know how to control their use, and consume away without regard for the circumstances. He went on to infer that e cigarettes are hard to distinguish from tobacco cigarettes, and may leave telltale signs of use.
  The debate between Modi and Teller sounds less like a debate, and more like a discussion of how to split up the e cigarette pie after they scare everyone away.


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