Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rumors confirmed - Provape to launch new Provari design

Speculation began making the rounds on the internet today regarding a photo
 of some Provaris with a new design:  

Provape was able to confirm that yes, a new version of the Provari is being launched soon. They are changing the tube design, and the design of the logo which is not etched into the metal. Provape said that the functionality of the Provari will not be changed, "for now". So will we see a VW/VV version of the Provari? It seems like a logical next step. Provape was not able to confirm changes to the functions of the Provari, but suggested we keep an eye out.


John Tieri said...

I for sure will be getting one!!!!

Adrian Valentin said...

Still think mechanical mods are better for rebuildable attys .for sure

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